Case Study: IT Projects Monitoring System


Mr. Sunil Rijal is the CEO of SoftNep Pvt. Ltd. It is a well recognized IT firm which specializes in Web Applications, Software Applications and Mobile Applications. They have multiple customers or clients. It is known that each client has taken minimum of one service or is engaged in any one project. It is possible that two or more clients has invested on the same project.

A project can have multiple developers but only a single project manager should handle the project at any point of time. They get paid only after the project is completed.

He wants reports like but not limited to:
1. List of all the active( ongoing ) projects

2. Total amount to be paid by any customer(dues amount)

3. Total dues amount to be paid to any developer

4. List of all the developers in any specified project

5. List of all the projects and total earnings.


For Database Management System:

  1. Entity Relationship Model / Enhanced Entity Relationship Model
  2. Normalize the ER model to minimum of 3NF or BCNF
  3. Prepare the relational model
  4. Write Data Definition Language (SQL) statement to create the necessary tables and Query(SQL) for the reports.

For Web Technologies:

  1. Complete the tasks mentioned above from Database Design Point of view.
  2. Use HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap/jQuery and/or other front end technologies to design forms and reports(should be well validated, browser compatible, optimized for faster loading and Search Engine)
  3. Write server-side scripts (ASP/PHP/Python/Ruby/JSP, or any other server-side programming language) to implement the system.

For Object Oriented Analysis and Design:

Prepare the following UML diagrams from the user story as mentioned above:

  1. Domain Object Diagram
  2. Conceptual Class
  3. Descriptive Class
  4. Use Case Diagram
  5. Activity Diagram
  6. Sequence Diagram
  7. State Chart Diagram
  8. Component Diagram
  9. Deployment Diagram

Content Courtesy: Roman Poudel, BIM VII semester, Orchid International College

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