Dual Boot with Linux: RHEL 7.1 Server and Windows 8.1


Recently, I am in love with text based Operating Systems ( currently using RHEL 7.1 ) . But, at my workplace it is desirable to use Windows Products. Previously, I had a nightmare of installing both RHEL and Windows on my Laptop (DELL Inspiron 5110). Then I learnt about a process called, DUAL BOOT SYSTEM.


  1. RHEL 7.1 on DVD or USB Stick ( I used DVD-ROM)
  2. WINDOWS 8.1 DVD or USB Stick ( I used USB Stick)

Install the Windows first. Keep some unpartitioned space(100GB around, for my case), free space where LINUX will reside later.

Note: In case you install the RHEL first, the GRUB space is overwritten by the Windows, making RHEL unusable.

Install RHEL 7.1 in this unpartitioned space. Finally, when you log into the system, use the following sequence of commands :

Find a file that looks like, 40_custom.

Add the following entry at the end of the file

Save and Exit by pressing,

Now restart the system.

You will see the listing of RHEL and Windows will be presented on the screen now.



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