I/O Classes in Java : Part 1


Download Source Code

The source code above is a Netbeans Project build in Windows 8.

You can use the files for your study purpose, modify it, make any changes that you like. There are few places where good programming practices have not been followed, if you can find, comment below so that I can modify the source code.

The order of the files that you should study is:

  1. FileOutput.java  writes contents in bytes
  2. FileRead.java   to read contents in bytes and displays on the console
  3. FileCopy.java  copies the contents byte by byte and writes it on the destination file
  4. Employee.java  to see the structure of the Employee class, is a user defined class
  5. ObjectOutput.java  to write three objects to the disk, sequentially, ObjectOutputStream 
  6. ObjectInput.java  to read the contents of the disk  ObjectInputStream class and display information of the object

Next, The character stream classes and random file access contents will be presented.

Download Source Code

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