BBA VI Semester MIS Syllabus

The course aims at providing students with the knowledge of different types of information systems and primarily focuses on how to use computer information systems and information technologies to revitalize business processes, improve managerial decision making, and gain a competitive edge in business.

Unit 1: Information systems in Global business today LH 6
Definition of Information system, Definition of management information system, Role of Information systems in business today, Globalization challenges and opportunities, The emerging digital firm, Strategic business objectives of information systems, Business perspective of information system

Unit 2: Global E-Business and Collaboration LH 6
Business processes and information systems, Types of information systems, Systems for linking the enterprise systems for collaboration and team work, The information systems function in business

Unit 3: Information Systems Organization and Strategy LH 7
Organizations and information systems, Impacts of information systems on organizations and business firms, Using information systems to achieve competitive advantage, Business value chain model, Case Study

Unit 4: Information Technology Infrastructure LH 7
IT infrastructure, Infrastructure components, Contemporary hardware platform trends, Contemporary software platform trends, Management issues

Unit 5: Foundation of Business Intelligence LH 3
Using databases to improve business performance and decision making, Case study

Unit 6: Decision Support System (DSS) LH 3
Definition of decision support systems, Components of DSS, Applications of DSS, Functions of DSS

Unit 7: Executive Information System(EIS) and Business Information System LH 4
Definition of EIS, Characteristics of EIS, Functional information systems, Marketing information systems, Manufacturing Information Systems, Finance and Accounting Information Systems

Unit 8: Securing Information Systems LH 3
System vulnerability and abuse, Technologies and tools for protecting information resources

Unit 9: Achieving Operational Excellence and customer intimacy LH 6
Enterprise Systems, Supply chain management systems, Customer relationship management systems, Enterprise applications, Case study.

Unit 10: Strategic Information Systems LH 3
Definition of strategic information system, Strategic information system plan, Strategy for developing strategic information system, Case study

Recommended Books:

  1. Kenneth C. Loudon/ Jane P. Laudon,”Management Information Systems, Managing the Digital Firm”, Twelfth Edition, Pearson.
  2. Uma G. Gupta,”Management Informationn Systems, A Managerial Perspective”, Tenth Edition, West Publishing Company.

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