LAB on Object-Relational Database using Oracle 18C

The objects are naturally extensible, meaning that the attributes and methods of one object can be made available to one or more objects. This property is called as inheritance. The object which inherits the behavior of other objects is called as a Subtype and the object which is being inherited is called as the Supertype. When an instance is created for the subtype, the instance inherits the behavior of both the supertype and the subtype.

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Dhiraj Kumar Jha Replication of Database

Replication Using CockroachDB

Replication is important in distributed databases. The cockroachDB uses minimum of three node quorum to establish replication in clusters. A single-node cluster is not appropriate for use in production or for performance testing. To run a multi-node cluster with replicated data for availability, consistency and resiliency, including load balancing across multiple nodes, use cockroach start and cockroach init to start a multi-node cluster with a minimum of three nodes instead.

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