Case Study 1: ExpenseLog System


Mr. Raman wants a system to keep track of his daily expenses. It is known that every expense he makes should be stored under some category (like communication, travel, education, food, rent, electricity, entertainment, etc.). He further admires for a feature to be able to store a threshold( maximum amount spendable per month) for each category, which will help him to remain guided, consiquently.
Later, he wants reports like but not limited to:
1) List of all categories created so far.
2) List of all expenses in detail ordered by latest on the top.
3) List of all expenses on specified category till date.
4) List of all expenses on specified date and/or duration (supplying the start date and end date).
5) List of all expenses on specified category and specified duration.
6) Find the list of average, minimum, maximum and total expenses for each category.
7) List of all those categories that exceeds the threshold.

You are required to prepare the “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Documents” (any or all that is applicable, so far you have studied in the course):

  1. Use case Diagram ( Last Date of submission: 28/11/2016)
  2. Class Diagram
  3. Activity Diagram
  4. Sequence Diagram
  5. Package Diagram
  6. Deployment Diagram

[Credit: Bimarsh Pant, BIM VII, Nagarjuna College of Information Technology]

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