Bash Shell Scripting – Day 1


Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting

Bash( Bourne Again Shell) is the default shell script for RHEL. It was developed by Steven Bourne of AT & T for GNU Project. IT incorporates all major features of it predecessors- ssh( UNIX, default), csh, ksh, & tcsh.

From the core of any system: Hardware->Kernel->Shell->Application.


In bash shell scripting, variables are of two types:

  1. Local Shell Variable
    Values of such variables are available to the currently shell only.
  2. Environment Shell Variable
    Values of such variables are available to the current shell as well as sub-shells.

This command displays list of both the local and environment shell variable.

This command lists the environment variables only.

Some typical environment variables:

HOME: This variable contains path of the current user’s home directory.

PATH: This variable contains command’s search path.

HISTSIZE: This variable contains command’s history size.


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